Good morning SIR…..interview time….

I had a great experience on one of the calls today morning. Talman Pty. Ltd. is currently in the process of hiring a senior testing and QA professional. As part of the process we received few good profiles and we arranged a date and time with various candidates.

Now…we are talking about this special candidate, he was one of the first to send his expression of interest, he was short listed and sent an interview call. He does not respond till the day of the interview so I decided to call him (around 9:45am, Thursday) and confirm whether he is visiting us for the interview. Well the attitude and reply were amazing!!!

Firstly, I am sure my call was an alarm for him to wake up early (9.45am) in the morning, secondly when I mentioned about the opportunity, company, myself and the email, the reply I got was “Oh noooo, not today…..I will call you and let you know when I am available for the interview….”

All I was able to say was “Thank you SIR, we will wait for your call.”

Amazing experience….it was like calling Prince ABC to appear for an interview.

It is difficult to judge what is the reason for resource shortage….whether:

There are many opportunities available in the market and hence such an attitude


There are many opportunities available in the market because of such an attitude !!!!

Well, whatever the case, it was an interesting experience…..

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July 4, 2007 · Rahul Desai · No Comments
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