SQL DownUnder CodeCamp 2007 – Top ten DBA mistakes (18)


Topic: Top ten DBA mistakes

Kelvin Kline – SQL Server MVP

Mentioned about the free seminar hosted by Quest software on SQL server in Melbourne on 16th October 2007:



Some common mistakes: Unverified Backups, Insufficient error notification, Ignorance of internals, Unknown scalability requirements, No baselines or benchmarks, Query tuning ignorance.


Top 10 of the session:

10. Server and application ignorance

9. Fire-fighter and script pusher modes : DBA’s excel when they add value to business process and business performance, DBA’s frequently get stuck in the rut of solely fighting fires and/or pushing out scripts.

8. Wrong feature for the job

7. Multi Server Management

6. Too much GUI

5. No troubleshooting methodology

4. Inadequate automation

3. Untested change management

2.Unsupervised scheduled job

1. Inadequate preventive maintenance


Tools from Quest Software to prevent / help avoid the above mistakes:

Spotlight on SQL server enterprise

Change Director for SQL server

Performance analysis for SQL server

LiteSpeed for SQL server

Toad for SQL server

Capacity Manager for SQL server

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