Project hijacking…

This normally happens when you have a dedicated resource, faithfully trusted and assigned to a project on behalf of the company or an enterprise. The resource decides to leave the company for one or the other reason, and instead of handing over the project back to the company / enterprise, works out a situation with the Client directly on how he / she can continue working and gaining from the project without the company’s  / enterprises’s consent or willingness.

In such cases, as far as project management is concerned, my thoughts: Always have a backup resource working in parallel for all the projects, a backup resource does not have to work full time on the project but just has to know enough about the project, so that handover and client trust is not lost.

As a project manager, some quick signs, as for you to know its coming your way:

  1. The concerned resource will always try and put up that they are busy with their new role and would not be able to complete the required work as contractor (if required)
  2. Although having said that, they would be more than happy to take up the project from the client directly and they would have all the time to commit and work for on the project on their own
  3. The project handover not being done properly (purposefully)
  4. Documentation about outstanding work not being entertained
  5. Your queries would not be replied appropriately..
  6. Resource will try and convince the client that he /she can complete the project much faster and with better quality rather than the new resources at the existing company….and many more….

As far as company / enterprise is concerned:

  1. Should not worry much about such incidents as it is better not to have such resources and clients in the first place
  2. Management should try and take the client in the confidence and make sure the project is getting back on track as soon as possible
  3. Should try and cover up the full cost on all the efforts put up till the “Project hijacking” occurs
  4. Should try and compensate the Client for the delay in delivery (if the client is ready to continue on the project)

As far as Clients are concerned:

  1. They are digging a hole for themselves as they are trusting a resource who is not honest and does not have any ethics
  2. They might save some quick money, but in a longer term, they would end up spending more on the project
  3. They are loosing a company / enterprise support to back them up for future

Normally a professional client would not entertain such “Project hijacking” however important the resource or the project might be.

Also as a resource, he/she might be a “Guru”, long time experienced senior person, but as soon as this unethical path is approached, you loose all your goodwill, faith and sooner or later the industry and community recognition…”Project Hijacking” should be avoided..

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October 17, 2007 · Rahul Desai · No Comments
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