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I recently concluded a management training course  with Steve Herzberg, organized by Talman Pty. Ltd. (the company I am employed with), as I have mentioned previously (SBTUG – August meeting..), I get all charged up and motivated whenever I meet Steve Herzberg, he has got that X-Factor.

We had 6 session of training to cover the following: 

Communication Skills – review and understand the personal profiles. What is successful communication? Why are we here. My role, their role, expectations

Coaching and Feedback – When and how to coach others. How to provide effective feedback

Assertion and Confidence – How to be more confident in front of clients. The power of effective questioning

Dealing with difficult people and difficult situations. Strategies you can apply. Negotiation tips and tactics

Presentation Skills – presenting 1-1, to small groups. Engaging the audience.

Final Session required individuals to present to the group on a selected topic or problem they have had to resolve and also what have they changed as result of the program.

The focus of this training was on:

  • How to effectively communicate with people who are different ( socially, culturally, technically) to clients, staff, peers
  • How to improve the way we express ourselves
  • How to improve the way we coach, provide feedback and support our staff
  • Increasing our confidence levels when we are working outside of our comfort zone
  • Improving our overall presence when we are in front of customers
  • Strategies for dealing with difficult people and difficult situations 
  • Advance and develop our listening, rapport and relationship building skills
  • Understand how to ask the appropriate questions to identify needs and opportunities with customers and staff
  • Understand the role of a leader in driving performance from our team

Overall, great 6 sessions, learnt a lot from the sessions, thanks Peter Metcalf for the training and thanks to Steve Herzberg for delivering 6 great sessions.


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