Hyper-V Gotchas…

I went through the pain of getting the Hyper-V to work on my laptop (was just trying it out…)..

The biggest pain I had was (for my laptop), that it disables Hybernate & Sleep features along with the Bluetooth and Wireless capabilities.

Here are few good references if you are trying something similar.


Some excerpts from the link above…(thanks to Martin Danner)


  • Since Hyper-V is a service that’s always running, it’s more difficult to use VHDs on an external drive. I’ve been told that it is possible to unmount an external drive containing a VHD used by a Hyper-V virtual machine, but I’ve not yet figured out how.
  • The Hyper-V role disables sleep mode and hibernate. I’ve seen some blog posts that describe a registry hack to enable sleep mode. But from what I’ve gathered it introduces system instability, so I’m willing to go without these handy features. More info here.
  • It used to be that you could not install Windows Live Messenger or Windows Live Writer directly. But I’m pleased to report that the Windows Live installer now fully supports Windows Server 2008!
  • If you install the Desktop Experience feature (I didn’t – don’t want to waste CPU cycles on it), Windows Vista desktop is not enabled by default, and it’s not at all clear how to get it setup. Here’s a great blog post that walks you through the process.
  • Here is another excellent blog post on tweaks to make Windows Server 2008 a better desktop OS.
  • Virtual machines configured to run on Virtual PC will need to be reconfigured to run on Hyper-V. This blog post walks through the process.

In here for my future reference…

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