CRM Solution: Company News timeline for CRM Online

You can now view news related to an Account, Lead, Contact or Opportunity in the CRM app on your mobile device. The Company news timeline solution for mobile enables sales and service users to view the latest and most important news in the mobile client from Bing news. The news articles are organized by time (Today, This Week, Last Week) and contain the headline, date/time, and source of the news article. Important events are detected and categorized (including Management Changes, Earnings Releases, New Offerings, Cost Cutting, Growth, Legal Issues, Acquisitions and Partnerships).


Instructions on how to get the solution on the selected instance of CRM Online: 


Some important information to be aware of:

  • This solution is available globally for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online subscriptions, but only available in English at this time
  • Customer Data from the name, address, and industry fields of your account records will be sent to Bing (a consumer service)
  • Customer Data sent to Bing will be subject to the Microsoft Online Services Privacy Statement

June 14, 2016 · Rahul Desai · No Comments
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