What’s Your Favourite Feature of SQL Server 2012?

Some commonalities in the outcome people were looking for:

Reductions in application downtime

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SharePoint Server 2013 Test Lab Guide stack refreshed

The SharePoint Server 2013 Test Lab Guide (TLG) stack has been refreshed for the released version of SharePoint Server 2013….more at the link below:

SharePoint Server 2013 Test Lab Guide stack refreshed – SharePoint IT Pro Blog – Site Home – TechNet Blogs

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MS Open Tech Open Sources Rx (Reactive Extensions) – a Cure for Asynchronous Data Streams in Cloud Programming – Interoperability @ Microsoft

If you are a developer that writes asynchronous code for composite applications in the cloud, you know what we are talking about, for everybody else Rx Extensions is a set of libraries that makes asynchronous programming a lot easier. As Dave Sexton describes it, “If asynchronous spaghetti code were a disease, Rx is the cure.”

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