Azure Data platform End2End – learning workshop(s)

Great resource and learning workshop(s) (thanks Fabio Braga) for understanding the Azure Data Platform and how to apply the platform services on data projects, specially covering the scenarios like relational data pipelines, big data file ingestion and processing with Spark clusters, non structured data and the use of AI to generate insights, real time ingestion […]

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Architecture: Planning for a Cloud Solution–The Journey

As shared on LinkedIn…. #digitaltransformation #architecture #cloudcomputing #growthmindset #changemanagement #productivity #cloudsolutions #coe #collaboration #businessandmanagement The Cloud Solution Architecture journey (multi-directional) stages and activities simplified in two diagrams: The Stages…..Direct, Change/Transform and Operate. And the high level details around the Sub-stages and related Activities to explore during the journey (for each stage) ….

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Azure IoT Reference Architecture update

  Azure IoT Reference Architecture update | Blog | Microsoft Azure

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Azure Stack– Step 1 From On Premises to Cloud migration / Hybrid implementation Strategy? Feasibly :)

Some conceptual excerpts around Azure Stack: Speed up development with consistent processes, DevOps tools, and open-source components Adopt the cloud on your terms, choosing the hybrid deployment that works best for you Get up and running quickly with purpose-built integrated systems Azure Stack is an extension of Azure. It brings the agility and innovation […]

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Run a high availability SharePoint Server 2016 farm in Azure

  This reference architecture shows a set of proven practices for setting up a high availability SharePoint Server 2016 farm on Azure, using MinRole topology and SQL Server Always On availability groups. The SharePoint farm is deployed in a secured virtual network with no Internet-facing endpoint or presence. Deploy this solution. Run a high availability […]

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Key Findings ‘Organization in the Digital Age’ 10th Edition | Jane McConnell | LinkedIn

  Key Findings ‘Organization in the Digital Age’ 10th Edition | Jane McConnell | LinkedIn Each of these findings is explained in the full article: Most organizations are in the Developing stage—a midway point. Primary goals for digital transformation are focused on efficiency. Although senior leaders are increasingly on board, most are not yet demonstrating […]

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Government Digital Service–Design Principles

A great article on Digital Services Design Principles for Government: GOV.UK – GDS design principles 1 Start with needs* 2 Do less 3 Design with data 4 Do the hard work to make it simple 5 Iterate. Then iterate again. 6 This is for everyone 7 Understand context 8 Build digital services, not websites 9 […]

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Navigating the Dozens of Different Strategy Options – HBR

Interesting article on strategy frameworks….@ the link: In this adaptation from the new book, Your Strategy Needs a Strategy (HBR Press, 2015), BCG strategy experts make sense of the all the different, and competing, approaches to strategy: Which strategy is right for your business? When and how should you implement it? The practical tool […]

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