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Bing Maps V8 Web Control Released


The Bing Maps V8 control reduces development time by requiring less code to implement more features into your app. It also brings significant performance improvement by using the HTML5 canvas, which provides the ability to render vector data over 10 times faster than previous versions of the Bing Maps JavaScript (AJAX) control. It also supports rendering thousands of more shapes, allowing users to view more data and gain deeper insights into their data. In addition to this we have added a number of exciting new features such as autosuggest, drawing tools, heat maps, automatic user region and culture detection, and many other business intelligence tools.

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Azure Channel Pricing Calculator

The Azure Pricing Calculator now has a version that includes Enterprise Agreement (EA) and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) pricing. This new version is called the Azure Channel Pricing Calculator, and it allows users to estimate their Azure pricing after applying the appropriate EA and CSP discounts.

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Pricing Calculator | Microsoft Azure

Now generally available….

Pricing calculator

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CRM Solution: Company News timeline for CRM Online

You can now view news related to an Account, Lead, Contact or Opportunity in the CRM app on your mobile device. The Company news timeline solution for mobile enables sales and service users to view the latest and most important news in the mobile client from Bing news. The news articles are organized by time (Today, This Week, Last Week) and contain the headline, date/time, and source of the news article. Important events are detected and categorized (including Management Changes, Earnings Releases, New Offerings, Cost Cutting, Growth, Legal Issues, Acquisitions and Partnerships).

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Government Digital Service–Design Principles

A great article on Digital Services Design Principles for Government:

GOV.UK – GDS design principles

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Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn

Microsoft to acquire LinkedIn | News Center

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#AzureAD a leader in the 2016 Gartner IDaaS MQ! | Enterprise Mobility and Security Blog


Gartner released their Magic Quadrant for Identity and Access Management as a Service (IDaaS) for 2016 and Azure Active Directory was placed in the “leaders” quadrant, and positioned very strongly for our completeness of vision. We have worked with Gartner to make complimentary copies available, which you can access here.

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Microsoft announces major commitment to Apache Spark

Microsoft’s big data and analytics offerings announcement, excerpts of the announcement as below:

Spark for Azure HDInsight General Availability, previously announced as public preview, Spark for Azure HDInsight generally available today, and introducing a fully managed Spark service from Hortonworks that has been hardened for the enterprise and made simpler for you to use. You can also rely on the industry’s highest availability service level agreement for Spark at 99.9%. You can get value out of Spark immediately with out-of-the-box integration with Jupyter, the most popular open source notebook for data scientists.

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