What is group-based licensing in Azure Active Directory?

The azure AD team has announced a service offering to dynamically license users based off group membership, excerpts from the post:

Microsoft cloud services, such as Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, Dynamics CRM, and other similar products, require licenses. These licenses are assigned to each user who needs access to these services. To manage licenses, administrators use one of the management portals (Office or Azure) and PowerShell cmdlets. Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is the underlying infrastructure that supports identity management for all Microsoft cloud services. Azure AD stores information about license assignment states for users.+

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Azure Reference Architectures | Microsoft Docs

The official channel for Architectural guidance, Patterns and proven practices for building solutions on Microsoft Azure Platform….

Azure Reference Architectures | Microsoft Docs

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VMware Cloud on AWS Overview

Interesting announcement…

VMware Cloud on AWS Overview

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TechNet Microsoft Azure Compliance in the context of Australia

Regional issues concerning compliance can be complex. In an effort to provide insight into issues in Microsoft Azure Compliance in the context of Australia Security and Privacy Requirements….

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Azure Channel Pricing Calculator

The Azure Pricing Calculator now has a version that includes Enterprise Agreement (EA) and Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) pricing. This new version is called the Azure Channel Pricing Calculator, and it allows users to estimate their Azure pricing after applying the appropriate EA and CSP discounts.

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Microsoft acquires Solair to help customers harness the power of the Internet of Things

Microsoft acquires Solair….

Solair’s IoT customization and deployment solutions, built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, are engineered to help businesses in any industry utilize IoT to run more efficiently and profitably. For example, Solair has brought the power of IoT to the Rancilio Group’s full line of espresso machines, allowing the Italian manufacturer to remotely monitor machines resulting in greater efficiency across the supply chain. Using the power of cloud-based data and analytics, Solair has helped the Rancilio Group reduce costs and increase revenue.

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Compliance–Microsoft Trust Center

To help organizations comply with national, regional, and industry-specific requirements governing the collection and use of individuals’ data, Microsoft offers the most comprehensive set of certifications and attestations of any cloud service provider.

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Cloud Platform roadmap | Microsoft

Home for the Microsoft Cloud platform roadmap…….

The Cloud Platform roadmap provides a snapshot of what we’re working on in the Cloud Platform business. Use the roadmap to find out what we’ve recently made generally available, released into public preview, are still developing and testing, or are no longer developing. Learn more about the types of updates you can expect to find on the Cloud Platform roadmap here.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Trust Center

As a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customer, you have entrusted Microsoft to help protect your data. Microsoft values this trust and cares deeply about the privacy and security of your data. We strive to take a leadership role in industry privacy, security, and compliance practices through the following trust principles.

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Cloud Certification now available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Long awaited capability now available…

Businesses are moving to the cloud at an increasingly rapid pace.  We’ve seen it first-hand with the popularity and market momentum of Dynamics CRM Online. Last quarter we reported that CRM Online revenue nearly doubled…more @ the link below:

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