Microsoft announces major commitment to Apache Spark

Microsoft’s big data and analytics offerings announcement, excerpts of the announcement as below:

Spark for Azure HDInsight General Availability, previously announced as public preview, Spark for Azure HDInsight generally available today, and introducing a fully managed Spark service from Hortonworks that has been hardened for the enterprise and made simpler for you to use. You can also rely on the industry’s highest availability service level agreement for Spark at 99.9%. You can get value out of Spark immediately with out-of-the-box integration with Jupyter, the most popular open source notebook for data scientists.

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Microsoft Power BI–Gartner Magic Quadrant over time

An interesting PowerBI report (@ the link below) which shows the Gartner Magic Quadrant over time, what I like is, that you can actually simulate and visualise how Microsoft and the other vendors have progressed over the years on Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data warehouse and Data Management solutions and Operational database solutions.

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Announcing Windows Azure SQL Reporting General Availability – Microsoft Business Intelligence

With SQL Reporting on Azure, developers can use familiar tools such as the Business Intelligence Development Studio and SQL Server Data Tools to author reports, just as they do today when running SQL Server Reporting services on-premises. SQL Reporting on Azure provides consistent APIs to view, execute and manage reports along with rich formatting and data visualization options…more information @ link below:

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Conquer Your Calendar: Use PowerPivot To Analyze Your Time

Calendar Analytics allows users to connect to their Microsoft ® Exchange Calendar and get dashboard views on meeting statistics inside Microsoft ® Office Excel 2010. More information as below:

Conquer Your Calendar: Use PowerPivot To Analyze Your Time

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Excel at 25 – What Are Your 25 Favourite Features? – BizIntelligence.TV – Site Home – MSDN Blogs

What Are Your 25 Favourite Features?

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