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Results from OzFox 2007 survey….

Craig Bailey has published some interesting survey results, done during the OzFox 2007 VFP conference, here is the link:

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Micro managing team members….

No one likes the idea of Micro managing a team member, so what does micro managing mean? Micro managing means paying extra attention to minor details. In practice, this means managing at a level far lower and more detailed than necessary or appropriate.

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Project Burnouts and Burnout rebound….

This is a common scenario while working with smaller team on bigger projects, weeks of demanding workload takes its toll and you discover the motivation isn’t quite what it used to be. Identifying and battling back from burnout is a skill every project manager must know. Some key areas which can help rebound, when in such situations:

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Manuals for Software projects….

There are a few standard ways to create manuals for software projects, some of them are:

Using Microsoft word manual template

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VFP application talking to AS400 through MQseries…

Continuing from my last post on Project management issues, regarding VFP application talking to AS400 through MQseries, I would like to announce that Castro has successfully completed the integration. Talman must be the only company who would have done this, not that many require it, but you feel proud when something unique has been done within your team.

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Managing and Planning for Critical tasks….

Again some common project management mistakes, which becomes critical and become root cause of the project failures. I am talking about not identifying and not pre-planning for Critical tasks.

The current project I am working on has a similar critical task of integrating VFP application with AS400 applications through use of MQ-series messaging. The development to send messages to MQ-series from within the VFP application has been implemented and tested successfully on the developers environment, at the time of UAT we have run into series of unidentified issues which have become critical, this could have been handled better by:

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"Vista activation can be bypassed"

Here is the text from the following link:

Link on bypassing Vista Activation

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Microsoft Empower for ISVs members

Microsoft Empower for ISVs members, here is a quick link with all the details:

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Silently…..spelling auto correct in Word 2007

One of the things that I love about Word 2007 is that many existing features are becoming easier to find and easier to use.

A good example of that is the spelling auto correct, which silently corrects simple typing mistakes such as “teh” or “adn.”

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Microsoft…thanks for a "Clear" message

I received a message from Craig Bailey, who is attending the MVP summit in Seattle USA and he mentioned the following: (Message from Craig Bailey)

just a quick note to let you know about some VFP news that is just breaking…

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