Microsoft…thanks for a "Clear" message

I received a message from Craig Bailey, who is attending the MVP summit in Seattle USA and he mentioned the following: (Message from Craig Bailey)

just a quick note to let you know about some VFP news that is just breaking…

this afternoon YAG  (Yair Alan Griver) met with all of us VFP MVP’s and informed us of the following:
– Microsoft has confirmed there will be NO VFP 10, development on the product is stopping once Sedna is released
– Sedna will be released sometime in the North American Summer this year
– it will be a free download for all owners of VFP 9
– all the code base in Sedna will be released to CodePlex for anyone to enhance
– Support for VFP will continue until 2015, this includes all bug fixes (deemed bad enough that they require a fix)
– VFP 9 will continue to be sold in stores until 2009 (atleast)

– media announcements are happening as I write this

Craig has mentioned this link which has the full details and more…..

There will be a lot of discussion on this in the coming weeks and months, but this is a “Clear” message from Microsoft on the future of Visual Foxpro.

And here is the official message from the VFP Team

Time to get our thoughts together on Visual Foxpro. And having said that, there is still plenty of life left in Visual FoxPro, all the good things have to come to an end someday. Frankly speaking, we should not be worried about all this.

As long as VFP application works on windows platform……everything is fine.

For all the Visual FoxPro  developers / supporters, March 13 2007 would be remembered as a black day.


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