Micro managing team members….

No one likes the idea of Micro managing a team member, so what does micro managing mean? Micro managing means paying extra attention to minor details. In practice, this means managing at a level far lower and more detailed than necessary or appropriate.

The following questions can answer some of the reasons for being micro managed:

  • Is your manager confident about your performance?
  • How does your manager know that your tasks are running smoothly and work allocated is on schedule?
  • Is there a reason for your manager to distrust you?

From a manager’s perspective, micro managing takes place when some of the team members stop performing to the basic expectations over a longer period of time. Micro managing is essential to:

  • To get the team member back on track and make him perform to expectations
  • Make the team member realize what’s wrong with his/her performance
  • Keep the team clean of under performers

The simple solution to such issues is “Keep your manager updated regularly on your role / requirements / performance”.


March 26, 2007 · Rahul Desai · No Comments
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