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Here are the excerpts…I think it is a good positive way of looking at things..(Sadly I did not have link to put up instead of the article..)

Visual FoxPro – editorial:

As a long time consumer, consultant and supporter of FoxPro and Visual FoxPro DBI Technologies has a particular interest and perspective on FoxPro. In short, the Fox is not dead. All the doom and gloom nay sayers look at Microsoft’s announcement of their future end to formal support for Visual

FoxPro in 2015 as the last nail in the coffin. And, I guess, if that’s the way ‘you’ want it to be then like so many other things in life that’s the way it will end up – sooner than later.

If, you’re an optimist and/or an opportunist, however, then you’re looking at Microsoft’s release to CodePlex of the Sedna labeled FoxPro extensions as an opportunity to pick up the ball and create a new game. And, by the way, that game already has a name – VFPx. An open source community project that gives every passionate FoxPro developer around the world an opportunity to channel their positive energies into a vehicle with which to express their passion and at the same time create an eternal life for their beloved development tool. Step up and support VFPx.

In conversation with the Visual FoxPro team (at the last couple of SouthWest Fox and Advisor conferences) discussions passionately debated what functionality could and should be added to the core FoxPro engine. When you step back and really look at it, most of everything you could possibly want is already there, and as stated by many before, likely why Microsoft purchased Fox Software, to include many of those FoxPro concepts and technologies in SQL Server, LINQ and base assemblies for the .NET Framework just to name a few.

A major concern in commercial product development is introducing problems when trying to provide extraneous features to an already very stable product. I would dare say, you would be mighty upset if a major error was introduced while trying to add a few fancy services that would only be consumed by a minority. In essence, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

What we have today in the way of Sedna is an enhancing set of add-on services that include the foundation for future growth and adaptation without fear of disrupting that very core we base our commercial endeavours and in many cases our lives on.

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