Learning from mistakes…

Well, all of us like to think that we learn from mistakes (whether our own or others is not a concern).

So in theory, the more serious blunders you know about, the less likely you are to be under the bright light of interrogation, explaining how you managed to screw up big-time. I will start with some of blunders I have observed and was even part of.

The first of them:

Ignoring the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) principle is a universal problem for IT industry

It is a general observation that millions of dollars are wasted on implementing, failing to implement, or supporting solutions that are too complex for the problem at hand.

Although complex technologies are required for some enterprises, many of the enterprises using such technologies are actually “inviting” unnecessary complexity.

This ignoring of the KISS principle is directly responsible for many instances of project failures, high IT development costs, un-manageable systems, low-quality or insecure software.

April 18, 2007 · Rahul Desai · No Comments
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