Software development blunders…Fixes cost quotes…

Planning software-development projects based on fixed cost quotes or fixed man days basically does not work due to the unique nature of software development and hence wherever possible should be avoided.

Client and the developer should always understand this industry fact and should be willing to resolve costing issues upfront (if and when it arises during project execution) and concentrate more on completeness, quality and timely delivery of the project.

Not considering cost overrun as part of the project costing is BAD COSTING.

Although having said this, Project cost overrun definitely has to be controlled with the strictest possible measures.

In a way it is difficult to control or define the scope of the project upfront and similarly it is difficult to have fixed cost quotes or fixed man days effort defined upfront.

Clients can hardly resist trying to get some out of scope work get done during the project execution, using what ever techniques possible, including vague specifications and general project vision statements, and similarly the developers can hardly resist trying to suggest more good features, more change of tools and what not, while project execution, just to make the outcome more profitable in their favor.

Project Managers do claim they have controlled this factor, but according to me, such claims means “highly over budgeted costing and efforts”.

April 25, 2007 · Rahul Desai · No Comments
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