"Rush" of projects….

This happens once in a while, you are working on a project which lasts longer than expected (may be overrun or mis-managed or whatever) and then while you are approaching the end of the project or after you have completed the project, there is a rush of requirements / projects to be managed, this can be because :

  1. You have Ignored other projects for long time (while you were working on key projects).
  2. There is a back log of work committed to existing clients.
  3. You get a lot of new projects at the same time (because you did a good work on the last project!).
  4. Your company takes over some other smaller companies  / products to grow its market share…..and many more reasons.
  5. You have become a powerhouse in some technology which is becoming obsolete and, Companies looking out for support on that technology, identifies you as a capable resource in meeting their requirements…..and many more…

As a Project manager, you have a rush of requirements which every one wants “yesterday”! So what is the best approach to follow? (Well, you don’t have the option to say no to any of the requirements / Projects).

Some of the things (combination of them), that has worked for me in the past are:

  1. Shortlist un-profitable / un-committed clients and put them on the lowest priority list, this does not mean you are not serving them, but they get your time when you are available (make sure they know about your priorities).
  2. Start looking around for available resources within your company, it would not be a bad idea to utilize their free time.
  3. Small requirements / projects get the top priority, as you can quickly finish them and move on the next one or the bigger projects.
  4. Analyze the profitability of each requirement / project on the list and give priority to them accordingly.
  5. Make sure your resources are not occupied with some unprofitable or internal tasks, such things can wait till you have some free time. It is important your team knows about their priorities.
  6. Identify and have sub project managers appointed temporarily for each requirement / project you are taking up, this can be team member from within your team who has some management capabilities, the idea is to make sure each project is managed properly up to an expectation.
  7. Last but not the least, convince the client and expedite the possibility of delay in start of project (if positively approached, clients are co-operative).

Next, I will highlight some common options which should not be considered…

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