SDLC, Phases and task ownership – Post Mortem Phase (6)

Continuing the previous articles:
SDLC, Phases and task ownership – Inquiry / Investigation Phase (1) and SDLC, Phases and task ownership – Inception / Initiation Phase (2) and SDLC, Phases and task ownership – Pre-Construction Phase / Design Phase (3) and SDLC, Phases and task ownership – Construction / development Phase (4) and SDLC, Phases and task ownership – Post Construction / Development Phase (5), the last phase is Post Mortem. This phase starts if the acceptance test is passed and there is no critical issue reported by the customer within the warranty days after the last delivery. Within the next few days, the post mortem must be conducted.


Step 1: Send Invitation

Send the invitation to all participants of the project, usually the customer, the software engineers, the testers, the tech support

Ownership / Responsibility: Project Manager


Step 2: Submit post mortem

Submit post mortem back to the Project Manager, which include comments, feedback about the project. Usually they should based on:

  • Communication
  • Quality of delivered product
  • Schedule and Estimation
  • Quality of the technical requirements
  • Correctness of the customer requirements

Ownership / Responsibility: Customer, Software Tester, Software Engineer, Support


Step 3: Meeting

A meeting with all (possible) participants to discuss about the project. The compiled comment/feedback must be sent to all participants and saved with the project document

Ownership / Responsibility:· Project Manager, Development Manager, Software Tester, Software Engineer, Support.

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