SharePoint implementation – Some key issues to consider#2 – What to Store and what to avoid?

In one of the previous post SharePoint implementation – Some key issues to consider#1 – Estimating and keeping track of storage , I was discussing my  SharePoint  storage experience,  continuing from there, how best to decide what to store and what to avoid?

Firstly, looking at some of the main goals of SharePoint implementation (for the first phase which was collaboration related to documentation) across various division:

  • Have information related to various products, company activities and knowledge base articles (internal forums, product manuals, procedure manual etc…) stored some where for easy access
  • Have all the documents from various team members, file severs and other location stored on a centralised place, so that it is easily available and not lost because of what ever reason
  • Develop and implement some sort of common documentation standards as far as creating, maintaining and sharing documents across Talman divisions is concerned

So keeping the above basic goals in mind, we developed the following strategy:

  • Have a individual storage space for individual division
  • Have a common storage space for the whole of Talman team
  • Dump all the existing documentation into the respective storage spaces without analysing into depths
  • Appoint and assign a librarian for each storage space (which in our case  was divisional managers)
  • The librarian analyses (in conjunction with other divisional manages and of course division members) the storage categories and defines procedures for their respective storage space, which in term complies with the overall organisation goals
  • The librarian re-organises the existing documents gradually
  • The librarian trains and propagates the same as part of the overall organisation procedures

All of the above was done over a period of time and involved numerous meetings and discussion, but the key was, instead of deciding what type of documents to store we worked on the divisional needs (considering each division has their own document storing and sharing needs).

The next question to answer was who accesses what and with what privileges?…in my next post.

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