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Vista look alike tool….

Having talked about some of the vista look alike tools, here is a great tool which does what it says….Vista Transformation Pack… I tried it on my stand by laptop (over Windows XP sp-2), works great. Its almost 3 weeks since I upgraded and no complaints as of now, all existing programs working normally. […]

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Theme which never got released….

During the OzFox 2007 conference, I saw almost all the presenters use a nice black Windows XP theme called Royale Noir Theme. The link below mentions this is the theme from Microsoft which never got released. All the details and download at the following URL:  I am using it…good user experience…

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2xExplorer is now xplorer²….

Here is a great tool, great productivity booster. It was recommended to me by Brett Denison our support mate, thanks Brett.  2xExplorer is a dead tool and it has a new version in xplorer². It comes in a Lite and Full version, Lite version is free (some features disabled) but still good enough and better […]

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Great article on why not to get Vista right now…10th March 2007

Here is a great article, reasons categorized into 5 categories. The much-touted new avatar of Windows may not be something to jump into right now I think it has been a common practice within enterprises not to get into a new operating straight away and waiting till Service Pack-1 for the new operating system is […]

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Great tool for transparency effect…Glass2K

Here is a great tool which gives you a transparency effect like Windows Vista, a small 54 KB file which remembers transparency setting for each programs / window separately (yes, you can have separate transparency level for each program).

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VFP and Crystal Reports …..

Here is a VFP class which talks to Crystal reports. I downloaded this in 2005 and just got a chance to review this, could not recollect from where I downloaded this, but have the author’s email . I am publishing this on my downloads section, the author has a sad story about his son….please read […]

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FrontPage history …Now Sharepoint Designer…

I have been using FrontPage since 1997/98, and my personal website has been in FrontPage since then, just recently (last month) I upgraded to Sharepoint Designer, which is a great tool. Just looking at the past and recollecting my experience with FrontPage….here is a nice history put up by SEO consultants …enjoy reading it.

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Performance reviews…

I (along with Craig Bailey) just started my first performance review with my Talman team, I was planning for this since last 4 months…. The purpose of an employee performance review is to communicate feedback on your level of performance within the role defined for you. Good performance review systems improve communication. This is an effective […]

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Some key reasons why software projects fail…

Although the reasons mentioned below are not new at all, but worth keeping eye on during the course of the project (Pre planning, execution and post project) Some reasons for project failures can be hunted down to: Lack of involvement by senior management Lackluster commitment to the project Poorly defined specifications Team members lacking appropriate skills Poorly defined / […]

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Ozfox 2007…

I attended OzFox 2007 last week, good location, great speakers and fantastic sessions. Craig Bailey did a great job (as usual) in organizing the conference. Peter Metcalf and Talman Admin / Tech staff (Nicole, Elle, Luis, Bing ) were the back bone of the conference. Some key outputs from the conference: Reporting enhancements Sedna CTP -2 Exchanging common […]

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