What categories to cover during interview…

We are in the process of hiring few resources for our team. I did a quick regrouping of what the important categories are, categories which should be covered during a primary personal interview, here are my thoughts:


Area of measurement

  • Personal and Family
  • Very important as this will demonstrate how effectively the person is going to perform in future. The more stable the personal and family background the better the expected performance….
  • Educational Background
  • Important but would depend on the country and type of educational system prevailing in that country. You might have to go a bit easy on educational background if there are no special educational / training facilities available for the role you are looking after. We do have to consider that Bill Gates just recently got his bachelors degree. (This is written in mid 2007)
  • Character Traits
  • This is important but equally difficult to identify up front. You must have some strategy to identify it. Companies do use IQ test / aptitude test to quickly analyze this. 
  • Initiative and Creativity
  • Very important again, this can be easily identified from his past experience. You can also get a good idea about this skills by putting up a real life problem for the candidate to solve it during the interview process.
  • Management Ability
  • Great importance. Two aspects to cover here, self management and team management (if managerial role involved).
  • Career Objectives
  • Great importance again, it is important to know where the candidate is coming from and what are the plans from here on.
  • Suitability for Target Job
  • I do feel that you should have a role requirement in place and compare the suitability against that.
  • Salary history  
  • This will give you overview of candidate’s growth rate in the past.
  • Experience and Training
  • Too important, I personally prefer people who self invest in experience and training.
  • Technology Know-How
  • Critical, candidate must have the know-how of past, current and future of the technological skills expected from him/her.
  • Outside Interests
  • This would give a general idea of whether he will fit the organizational culture and or the work environment.

These is just a broad opinion, each and every category can mean more than one thing, but for the first personal interview, covering above categories would give you a quick preview of candidate’s profile and whether suitable for second interview or further hiring process…

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