Microsoft Windows Network: Element not found

I just experienced this issue, thought might help someone else as well…. 

You have a computer on a network that has mapped drives from a server.

It all works across reboots. One day, though, it stops working, i.e.
you can see the drives showing up in Windows Explorer, but whenever you click on them, you get an error:

An error occurred while reconnecting X: to \\YourServer\yourfolder
Microsoft Windows Network: Element not found.
The problem is that the drives where mapped with an account that has changed password since the time the drives where mapped. And whoever set up those drives told Windows to remember the password. Now, when the password changes, all you get from Windows is that “element not found” error. The solution is very simple once you know the problem. Just re-map one of the drives (or a new one). In the dialog that comes up you will have an option to “Connect using a different user name”. Click on that and write the correct name and password of the account used to allow the mappings. Everything is back to normal. Further reboots won’t have the system complaining (till the password changes again…). Here is the original link : Microsoft Windows Network: Element not found.

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